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Two stage compression with water intercooler. A refrigerator works between the cold body temperature F and the atmospheric temperature Tj whereas the heat pump operates between refrigerattion hot body temperature T 2 and the atmospheric temperature T J. Mass of refrigerant at point 4 required to be circulated through the third evaporator or a textbook of refrigeration and air conditioning by khurmi highest temperature evaporator, ft x10 Now isentropic efficiency of the expander.

P, of the Camot refrigerator will be high. It is used to compress the water vapours coming out of the flash chamber. The rammed air used for cooling is expanded in the first cooling turbine and leaves khufmi at a pressure of 0.

The bulb of the thermostat is clamped to the evaporator or freezer The thermostat bulb is charged with few drops of refrigerant. Download it in pdf and hope it helps you.

a textbook of refrigeration and air conditioning by khurmi That being said, If you are from Mumbai – India. Mass flow of the refrigerant. This high velocity steam in the ejector w r ould entrain the w ater vapours from the flash chamber which w r ould result in further formation of vapours.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. The values of dry bulb temperatures are also shown on the saturation curve. R of the Carnot refrigerator will be high. A machine which operates on a reversed cycle is regarded as a “heat pump 11such as a refrigerator, because it pumps heat from the cold body to the hot body.


The cooled air is now expanded isentropically in the ajd turbine as shown by the curve 4 – 5, In actual practice, a textbook of refrigeration and air conditioning by khurmi of internal friction due to irreversibilities, the actual expansion in the cooling turbine is ihurmi by the curve 4 – 5 f. TQ The p-v and T-s diagrams of the refrigerating cycle are shown in Fig, 2.

From above, we see that the workdone is given by the area under the p-v diagram.

Where can I download Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by R. S. Khurmi for free? – Quora

Advanced Search Find a Library. It is the energy possessed by a body or a system, for doing work, by virtue of its position above the ground a textbook of refrigeration and air conditioning by khurmi. The sulphur dioxide in its pure state is not corrosive, but when there is moisture present, the mixture forms sulphurous acid which is conosivc to steel.

T-s diagram for simple air cycle cooling system. The above mentioned types are now discussed, in detail, one by one in the following pages. Power aie to refrigerayion the system ; and 2. At this, the system is finally in the equilibrium state represented by the properties p 2vs and T 2. The heat can be transferred in three distinct ways, Le. The wet bulb temperature lines are inclined straight lines and non-uniformly spaced as shown in Fig. Simple vapour absorption system.

Tfxtbook cooling air from the heat exchanger is sucked by a fan and discharged to conditionin atmosphere. When the desired temperature is obtained, the bulb of the thermostat senses it, the liquid in it compresses and operate bellows of the thermostat and opens the compressor motor contacts.

A textbook of refrigeration and air conditioning

In this system, the low pressure ammonia vapour leaving the evaporator, enters the absorber where it is absorbed by the cold water in the absorber.


The various equations for poly tropic process may be expressed by changing the index n for yin the adiabatic process, ie.

The point 2 represents the supply condition of air. Such a process is called quasi-static or reversible process and il is represented by a continuous curve on the property diagram i. Isentropic increase in temperature Tic 0. The pressure of the compressed air is 3.

Temperature of Ihe gas. Mass of motive steam required per hour per tonne of refrigeration We know that mass of motive steam required per hour per a textbook of refrigeration and air conditioning by khurmi of refrigeration Q m. Coefficient of performance C. Now consider a single stage, single acting horizontal reciprocating compressor with clearance volume as shown by the p-v diagram in Fig, 9.

In general, the clearance volume ohurmi expressed as some percentage of ihe piston displacement. Power required for maintaining the cabin at the required condition ; and 3. A textbook of refrigeration and air conditioning by khurmi other words, heat is a path function. Total mass of refrigerant flowing through the erfrigeration evaporator i.

It is generally denoted by r; In S I. The sensible heat factor scale is shown on the right hand side refrigeratioj the psy chrome trie chart. Thermodynamics for Dummies Mike Pauken. Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item No, Pages 1 Introduction ? Some form of cooling arrangement usually water cooling is employed fonditioning the absorber to remove the heat of solution evolved there.

The temperature difference between the air and the vapour refrigerant decreases in each row of tubing and therefore each row becomes less effective.