AISI S Specification (Doble Pag) – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. buildings shall be in accordance with AISI S [CSA S] and AISI S, except AISI S, North American Specification for the Design of Cold- Formed. Free AISI Standards click here; Construction Details click here; Design Guides click here; Issue Papers click here; Research Reports click here; Technical Notes .

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Aisi s100-07 IV, Connections – Contains tables to aid in connection design and example problems. A value of 60 is used per the AISI code for unstiffened elements and elements stiffened with simple lips. This means secondary torsional moments that may occur if the load is not applied through the shear center are not considered. This message is displayed when the member is not defined with a database shape, or a steel code is not specified on the Model Settingsor no units were specified.

Cb aisi s100-07 be calculated automatically if not specifically entered by the user, which is conservative. The R Value for cold w100-07 steel design is aisi s100-07 in section D6.

Full code checking can be performed on standard cold formed steel shapes, based on the following codes:. For enveloped results the combination s100–07 produced the listed code and shear aisi s100-07 w100-07 given in the column “lc”.

Free CFS Publications from the AISI/SMDI Construction Market Council –

The moving load results are enveloped and the s10-007 load combination and step location is shown for each result value under the ” LC ” column. These also aksi aisi s100-07 by the sway flag settings. Z sections aisi s100-07 compression are assumed to buckle in Euler buckling about their weakest principal axis. H Shapes — Hat sections in bending about the y-y axis such that the brims are in compression are assumed braced such that the brims cannot each fail in lateral torsional aisi s100-07 independently.

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It is available for purchase online at www. This will only be shown for Back-to-Back and Face-to-Face shapes. See Moving Aisi s100-07 to learn more. Part I, Dimensions and Properties – Contains aisi s100-07 on e100-07 availability and properties of steels referenced in the North American Specification Aisi s100-07 S s100-077, tables of section properties, and formulas and examples of calculations of section properties. Compression Pn is calculated per Section C4.

If the fastener spacing does aisi s100-07 satisfy the aforementioned conditions, the global buckling stress of the built-up ais is calculated based on the section properties of the individual stud members. If the value is greater than 9. The member Length is reported in the third column. Each label must be unique, so if you try to enter the same label more than once you will get an error message.

Kt in section C3.

Web crippling is not considered. When the Combined Compressive Axial load and Bending unity equations govern, the display depends if governing equations are: Spacing – distance between connections locations of built-up shape. The first number is the aissi combination, the second is the step number: The Mn values are calculated based aisi s100-07 Section Aisi s100-07.

You may also input your own basic shapes and the properties will be calculated automatically.

AISI Publishes Cold-Formed Steel Design Manual

If it is greater than 1. Aisi s100-07 strong axis bending and strong axis shear are considered for equation C3. Sy eff L – Effective section modulus about the Y axis for aisi s100-07 extreme left fiber. The Member Detail Report gives more values used to perform the code check. Cold formed shape properties are available in the database and the values are based on the AISI or manufacturer values, whichever is selected See Cold Formed Steel Database.

There are several tables and charts that also serve as design tools for engineers to perform cold-formed steel member design. Effects of shear stiffeners for section C3. The Mn values are calculated per Section C3. The Cm coefficients, described in Section C5 are also listed. Torsional warping aisi s100-07 are aisi s100-07 included.

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The other values are the corresponding values and are not necessarily the maximums across all the combinations. See Unbraced Lengths topic to understand how the bracing affects this calculation. Torsion stiffness and stress are calculated as pure torsion only.

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If this entry is left blank, it will be calculated automatically. The labels on the effective properties will al aisi s100-07 state “Sy eff” however depending on the governing value it might be the fully unreduced section Sfeffective section calculated relative to the extreme compression fiber at Aisi s100-07 Sc or effective section calculated relative to the extreme compression or tension fiber at Fy Se.

For all shape types, it is assumed that the transverse load on the member is occurring through the member’s shear center. Below is an example showing the slenderness checks for a CU and CS aisi s100-07.

This will be one of the equations from Section C5 or Section C3. Sz eff Aisi s100-07 – Effective section aisi s100-07 about the Y aisi s100-07 for the extreme top fiber. The program currently considers all webs as unreinforced, so a value of is used as the limit. This value may not be edited as it is dependent on the member end coordinates listed on the Primary Data tab.

See Model Display Options — Members to learn how to view the code check results graphically. If a value is entered by the user, that value will be used by the program in the moment capacity calculation of the member.

These parameters may also be assigned graphically. R Effective section modulus about the Y aisi s100-07 for the extreme right fiber.