The Cryptoterrestrials has 76 ratings and 14 reviews. Anita said: Review snippet: In a way, this book is a perfect example of the sorts of ideas that mad. 22 Aug I envision the Cryptoterrestrials engaged in a process of subterfuge, bending our belief systems to their own ends. And I suggest that this has. 26 Sep Spotting Cryptoterrestrials. So, if you were an unseen intelligence behind a GENETIC RACE YOU ARE USING wouldn’t you by now have.

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This book, published posthumously, represents not the culmination cryptoterrestriqls his ideas, nor a starting point. Now the book on fish falling from the sky has spurious science to prove a particular point of view, all other points Review snippet: There were a number of tribes such as the Rephaim, the Emim, the Horim, and Zamsummim, that were giants.

He was a true “New Light” – and so was Mac, who insisted that we must not lose sight of the central message: Indeed, its inherent weirdness might serve as an appeal to an aspect of the psyche we’ve allowed to atrophy.

The Cryptoterrestrials by Mac Tonnies

Very significantly, Bosley revealed, his father told him the entities and their craft come from inside our planet. The subject certainly belongs in the speculative fiction category!

Of the many and varied, multifaceted theories that have been advanced to try and explain what lies at the heart of the UFO puzzle, one of the most controversial suggests that rather than representing bug-eyed intruders from far-away star-systems, the assumed aliens are really nothing of the sort. Like Vallee, For Mr. To offer any kind of support to the author’s argument? In a world where hyperbole has become the lingua cryproterrestrials, The Cryptoterrestrials is that cryptoterresrrials work which merits the appellation “a must read.

Unable to disprove a negative, I have no choice but to concede that some UFO encounters may originate in space. Just a moment while we sign you in cryptoterrsetrials your Goodreads account.

Refresh and try again. In a young preacher, Henry Alline, began to travel amongst the communities of the colonies, talking about a better way – free will, an almost mystical view of faith, and a personal experiential relationship with the divine. A great work of comedy.

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The Cryptoterrestirals would have, I’m sure, launched Mac’s career in directions he could not have foreseen. If there was any personal investment, it came in the form of a boyish sort of: Archons inhabit the solar system, the extraterrestrial realm as such, but they can intrude on Earth. The under-dwellers — that is what: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Nick Redfern August 6, Archons are predatory, unlike a wide range of non-human and other-dimensional beings also know to the Gnostics, beings who are benevolent or neutral toward humanity.

What he rejected, and what people like Nick, Greg and I reject, are those who say that the ETH is the only answer, or even the best answer. But it wasn’t Mac’s intention to write a definitive conclusion to the discussion about the UFO phenomenon, or the paranormal; rather, it was his intention to get that discussion started again, and to cryptoterrestriaos people thinking, for the first time in a long time, about what really might be going on – including the possibility that we are being visited by beings crytpoterrestrials another world.

I have plenty of links available to indicate that he is correct. As he observed of himself, he is often overly optimistic at times.

Mauro rated it it was amazing Mar 11, Michael August 9,9: They posited what happened fish falling from the skyposited a few potential answers waterspouts drawing water and fish from streams, or an angry godand left the reader to wonder and maybe discuss the topic.

Various tributes and personal anecdotes suggest his habit was to weigh evidence and ponder ideas over long periods while seeking a diversity of perspectives. Tonnies and his approach to analysis suggests it may not. Look at his blog and you’ll see speculation on the paranormal along side thoughts on I “knew” the late Mac Tonnies as many others did– through interaction on his blog http: Trivia About The Cryptoterrest This is exactly what Gnostics said about the Archons: Retrieved from ” https: Mac Tonnies never had the opportunity to tell us his complete story.

In this way, CTH potentially intersects with a number of biblical scenarios.

Aliens or Ancient Humanoids?

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. What began as a thought experiment for Mac I know, because I was there when he first started thinking about it seriously, on a trip to Los Angeles became in the end a thorough review of the evidence and the literature, and some pretty grounded speculation about what it all points to. The whole thing was one disappointment after another. Giorgio rated it liked it Aug 02, Tonnies simply tacks away from either of those extremes towards an excluded middle ground that could refugees from both sides a place to find some comfort.


Stephen D’Alessio rated it really liked it Jul 04, List of reported UFO sightings Sightings in outer space.

The Cryptoterrestrials

Or that you don’t have to make a proper argument, with proper resources and citations. This book is nothing more than a researcher trying to put the various puzzle pieces together that can be found from the many hypothesis and fictions floating about n the UFO paradigm.

Mar 24, Todd R rated it really liked it Shelves: I didn’t know Mac was gone until a month later, and it still gets me now when I think of it. It appears that the “original race” of advanced beings may have been the Neanderthals who have RH negative blood; the genetic disorder would be blood related — lycopathny comes to mind. Thanks to the efforts of Nick Redfern, Greg Bishop and others an unfinished manuscript was put into publishable form, but there is no way to be certain the book represents his definitive thoughts on the Cryptoterestrials.

With the ETFacters, it isn’t a matter of science anymore, or logic, or following the evidence to where it leads – it’s become all about the perpetuation of their belief system within an ever-shrinking community of flying saucer evangelicals. This is a book that deserves to be read and discussed far and wide, and which offers up an opportunity to revitalize the UFO subject, and make it relevant again – but only if we are courageous and intellectually honest enough to embrace it.

Apr 07, Rob rated it it was ok. Rob rated it really liked it Oct 25,