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The best firing performance results when the trigger is squeezed continuously, and the rifle is fired without disturbing its lay.

Full text of “FM Rifle Marksmanship M16A1, M16A, M16A4, and M4 Carbine”

They are beneficial when ammunition is limited for training or practice exercises. Communication between peers is different than communication between a soldier and drill sergeant or senior NCO.

Refer to Appendix A for a detailed explanation of the target box and paddle exercise and training standards. At the same time, the extractor claw grips the rim of the cartridge, and the ejector is compressed.

The RAS provides a secure mounting point for various accessories that may be mounted top, left and right. Mechanically zeroing the Ml 6A1 Figure is only necessary when the weapon zero is questionable, the weapon is newly assigned to the unit, or the weapon sights have been serviced. Marksmanship Fundamentals 1 A correct sight picture has the target, front sight post, and rear sight aligned.

Is the standard combat course, yard KD; meter scaled target or meter qualification course ffm Phase I, Reflexive Fire Training A year-round marksmanship sustainment program is needed for the unit to maintain the individual and collective firing proficiency requirements to accomplish its mission.

Firers with these shot groups should receive dry-fire training to help correct firing problems. Marksmanship training should be conducted for short periods throughout the year. It is important to experiment with many finger positions during dry-fire training to ensure the hammer is falling with little disturbance to the aiming process.


He checks the position of the firing eye to ensure it is in line tm the rear sight aperture. Insert the mounting knob assembly through the hole in the carrying handle and screw it firmly clockwise into the sight-mounting adapter.

To finish the procedure, adjust the elevation knob two clicks clockwise so the index line on the left side of the detachable carrying handle is aligned with the “Z” on the elevation knob. If so, do you conduct suppressive fire, rapid-semiautomatic fire, and automatic or burst fire. To effectively employ his weapon, marksmanship must be mastered from the basics of rifle marksmanship to the advanced stages of target engagement.

Do they record their rifle’s zero?

File:FM Rifle Marksmanship M16A1, M16A, M16A4, and M4 – Wikimedia Commons

Soldiers who do not meet the standard will receive remedial training on the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship before subsequent instruction. The instructor-trainer can encourage his soldiers by convincing them to achieve good firing performance through practice. Remove the carrying handle, align the locking bar with a notch, and tighten the torque-limiting knob until it clicks twice.

Applying immediate action usually corrects the malfunction. He places the rifle butt in the pocket formed by the firing shoulder, grasps the pistol grip with his firing hand, and 3-229 the firing elbow to the ground. Place selector lever on SAFE.

Ensure the rail grabber fully rests on the bracket when mounting the TWS or the sight will not retain zero. Once these phases are mastered the soldier progresses into advanced optics, and lasers. The following is an example of a commander’s evaluation f. If weapon is not cocked, lever cannot be pointed toward SAFE. If the rifle will not be fired immediately close the ejection port cover.


Demonstrate the integrated act of shooting during dry fire exercises. Picatinny Rail Grabber Figurepage Analyzing the Shot Group.

FM 3-22.9 Rifle Marksmanship M16A1, M16A2/3, M16A4, M4 CARBINE

Have they addressed the non- firing skills first? What aids and devices are being used?

Local instructor- trainer training courses and marksmanship certification programs must be established to ensure that instructor-trainer skills are developed. When the hammer drops on a dummy round and does not fire, the soldier’s natural reflexes demonstrate that he is improperly squeezing the trigger.

Two consecutive shot groupings must fall within a 4-centimeter circle at 25 -meters before the soldier should be allowed to make any adjustments or to start zeroing procedures.

The firer can apply immediate or remedial action to clear the stoppage. As the bolt carrier group moves rearward, it engages the buffer assembly and compresses the action spring into the lower receiver extension. After the projectile has passed the gas port located on the upper surface of the barrel under the front sight, Figure and before it leaves the barrel, some gas enters the gas port and moves into the gas tube. If the accessory and rail grabber is reinstalled on a different notch, or the rail grabber is separated from the accessory, they must be rezeroed.

Check bolt catch; turn in to unit armorer. This exercise specifically focuses on the soldier’s position, breathing and sight picture.