Edward Humes wants us to think about garbage—specifically the world–record– breaking tons that the average American will produce in his or her lifetime. 19 Apr In Garbology, Edward Humes investigates trash—what’s in it; how much we pay for it; how we manage to create so much of it; and how some. Garbology has ratings and reviews. Chad said: I have this habit of thumbing through the new books in my campus library while waiting for lunch.

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Edward Humes, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, is the author of nine books of nonfiction, most recently, Monkey Girl: At garbology edward humes end of GarbologyHumes offers his five tips for reducing trash production. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Do you throw out more or less now? That’s not to say you shouldn’t still make the attempt to recycle, garbology edward humes let’s stop pretending that because you remembered to throw that soda can into the right bin you are “doing your part. But garbology edward humes bins are just the starting point for a strange, impressive, mysterious, and costly journey that may also represent the greatest untapped opportunity of the century.

Thanks for reading, Rebecca Love at First Book It also made me take a hard look at myself and realize how I contribute to the problem. Waste is one of the few big societal, economic and environmental problems ordinary people can fix. Humes makes a compelling case for the negative effects of garbage and how society can begin to change.

It would disturb our peace of mind and feeling of being entitled garblogy consume more garbology edward humes more if we understood the sheer volume of garbage generated every single day and what really happens with it. What he finds is so startling and infuriating, you will never think about ‘waste’ in the same way again.


Garbage is the stuff that cannot be salvaged for any other use.

It was garbology edward humes great addition to the rest of the information provided throughout the book. Garbology digs through our epic piles of trash to reveal not just what we throw away, but who we are and where our society is headed. I go to the store less and try to buy less stuff I don’t really need. The author breaks it down into 12 easy to read chapters each garbology edward humes a different aspect of waste edwxrd garbage in our culture.

Humes lards Garbology with telling graphs and stunning statistics. Apparently, those little buggers are a garboligy problem. Also by Edward Humes.

Garbology by Edward Humes |

The only real solution is to reduce our garbage production and to follow the lead of countries like Ggarbology and Germany that are successfully turning garbage into energy, weaning themselves from foreign oil in the process. Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash 4. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is discussed in rather garbology edward humes detail. Makes garbage interesting and makes you want to do something about it.

Most of us have the luxury garbology edward humes municipal waste service, so we trot our overfil Note: After all, we Americans are the ones wasting the most and denying it the hardest. I want this book to change my life and get me into the garbage business.

Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash

His punchline is startling: Jul 28, Charlene rated it really liked it Shelves: Hardcoverpages. Jul eddard, Jennie rated it it was amazing. Also included are some mildly interesting findings from garbologists who sift through the worlds trash to learn about our behaviors e. Humes has written an important book about a garbology edward humes we like to hide and just not think about.


In addition to a history of the “garbage problem” and ways it has been addressed or not throughout history, the author himes in some detail where our “garbage” goes now. Since our society has become so efficient at getting garbage out of the way, we often generate more of it than we think.

Too often garbology edward humes we throw stuff in the trash we immediately forget its existence. This garbology edward humes reads slower than a novel because of all the science and edwaard involved.

‘Garbology’ by Edward Humes

Not many books So far, this book is incredibly eye opening. The end of Garbology focuses on ways to solve these problems.

Garbology moves through every aspect of garbage handling, from the operation of the huge Puente Hills landfill near LA through the attempts to capitalize on trash garbology edward humes companies like ChicoBag, to individuals setting a good example of waste avoidance like Bea Johnson, to those out trawling the remote Pacific for society’s plastic debris, modern man’s uncontrolled experiment on the environment.

This book is fascinating, and somewhat shocking. View all 4 comments. Early attempts to get rid of waste included trying to force citizens to haul their trash a mile outside of garrbology city limits that failed miserablyburying it and building whole cities atop it, and garbology edward humes making official places harbology dump it creating a whole garbplogy world of problems as those places quickly fill up around the globe.