We have 5 Garmin Oregon t – Hiking GPS Receiver manuals available for free PDF download: Owner’s Manual, Quick Start Manual, Quick Reference. , , t, c, i, , t. Page 2. Oregon Series Quick Start Manual. See the . throughout the life of your Garmin products, visit the Garmin. Garmin’s latest handheld GPS receiver is the new Oregon series. The Oregon t package, unit, carabineer clip, USB cable, manual.

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It just takes some getting use to, after using the older Garmin handhelds with the easy to read screens.

You can select using waypoints, points of garmon and by browsing the map and selecting map points. The HotFix seems to do well, when the unit is powered on while outside and you will usually have a satellite lock by the time the unit is finished starting up.

Garmin Oregon 400t User Manual

Garmin has now added the option of subcategories. Run the WebUpdater available from garmin. In the dark, the Oregon screen looks the best of any handheld, with the backlight on full, as compared to the other units with backlight on odegon as well.

Some users have had a difficult time getting WAAS correction and I have seen this as well, however it is possible as you can see from the image below. New to the Oregon is the sunrise or sunset update at the top of the screen. Installing The Batteries Sharing Information Wirelessly Very easy and smooth.


The touchscreen allows for quick and easy data input into the Oregon. We discovered this on our own, as there is nanual tab to press on the screen and no documentation from Garmin. Changing The Camera Settings Image shots of the map of the Oregon t showing the terrain shading and varying detail.

You have to buy Garmin’s official power cables for the Oregon or the unit will go into mass storage mode.

The only way to do this is to hit the Mark Waypoint icon. The owner’s manual in the Oregon is too brief.

Garmin Oregon 400t – Hiking GPS Receiver Manuals

The big winner for battery use was the Vista HCx which was still going at 26 hours! Scales from 20 miles, to 8 miles, to 1. The Elevation page still needs some work, including the ability to plot an elevation location and then bring that location up on the map page. Using Demo Mode Miscellaneous Features Image Viewer Allows you to load digital photos in the Oregon in the unit’s memory and then use it as a picture viewer.

This is much improved thanks to the direct input from the touchscreen. When you get home, you then log onto geocaching. Hopefully this feature will be fixed so you can manua, it in your Oregon.

The touchscreen makes it quick to name a new waypoint and edit other properties.

Garmin Oregon t – Hiking GPS Receiver Manuals

Trip Computer The trip computer keeps track of trip data and you can customize each individual data field. Table of contents Tips And Shortcuts See below for example along with active route screens.


Everything 40t is controlled through the three inch diagonal touchscreen. It is so much easier to customize your Oregon and then quickly switch the settings depending on your navigation needs. Changing Marine Settings You can also select map points garimn review data, although sometimes it can be a little tricky to get your finger on the small map icon you want to review.

You must do this in the Setup, under ‘System. Many people appear to be disappointed with the lack of upgrades and attention this feature may be getting, as expressed in the forums.

This is similar to previous Garmin models, but it appears you can only ‘Tracback’ using your current varmin and not on a saved track. Many of the forums are good to search too, as users often share what they have found. This is a nice feature and an important one, if you are hiking and manua your Oregon in a backpack, on a belt, etc, as it will get into menus you don’t want it to.