This article is linked to by a disambiguation page. Please refer here for other uses of this title. Inkworld is a series of three fantasy novels written by German. The Inkworld Trilogy is a German YA novel series by Cornelia Funke. It consists of Tintenherz (Inkheart), Tintenblut (literally “Inkblood”, but translated as Inkspell. Discussion guide and lessons for Ink World Trilogy by Cornelia Funke, including Inkheart, Inkspell, and Inkdeath.

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The Adderhead goes after her while sending the Milksop after the children. This article is linked to by a disambiguation page. If you had Mo and Meggie’s gift, what book would you read aloud and visit for yourself?

What threat or bargain does she make with Mo?

The peasants’ only defense is a band of outlaws led by the Bluejay — Mo’s fictitious double, whose identity he has reluctantly adopted. Any item with “Fulfilled by Souq” badge on the product detail page is eligible and contributes to your free shipping order minimum. Now the Adderhead is out to get him, waiting to hang him or kill his family in front of him. Is our reliance on television and fictional families similar to the Castle in the Lake?

The Inkheart Trilogy | Book Club Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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What do you think it would feel like for an author to see his characters in real life? InFunke sold the film rights to all three books to New Line Cinema; thus far, the first book has been made into a motion picture, with a January release in North America.


But for Dustfinger, the fire-eater brought into being from words, the need to return to the tale has become desperate. Inkheart Chicken House special gift edition.

Inkheart trilogy – Wikipedia

Save Create a List. But Mo is busy acting out the epic and heroic battles of the Bluejay, whose identity he has claimed as his own. This page was last edited on 7 Augustat Is he clever or cruel? Are there any books that would tempt you to enter their world?

What actions prove his loyalty once and for all? Do you see her as the heroine of all three tales? In the end, how does Fenoglio find his voice again? Do you think she is capable of cruelty?

Meggie soon discovers she has the same talent as her father when she summons the monster known as “The Shadow” out of the book. What have you, as a writer, learned that you can apply to your next piece?

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When he finds a crooked storyteller to read him back he abandons his apprentice Farid and plunges into the pages. Who is in power? Dustfinger is happier than he was in the trilogyy first book. With a partner or in a small group, write a reader’s theater script for your favorite scene in the book. Inkheart Inkspell Inkdeath Update your profile Let us wish you a happy birthday!

Inkworld Series

Miss Smith’s Incredible Storybook. Are there times when it is better not to know the truth? How does the Piper threaten the children of Ombra? Farid is later killed by Basta, one of Capricorn’s old followers, who is then killed by Mo. Do you agree with Balbulus, “Only the written word is eternal,” or are you more convinced by Fenoglio’s statement about oral storytelling, “A story wearing another dress every time you hear it-what could be better?

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Do you think writers ever have the sensation that they’re losing control of their stories as they write them? Write a short narrative inspired by one of the quotes. In the end, do you think Meggie and her family should travel back to Ombra or try to get home to Elinor’s house?

Debate Reread page concerning written versus oral language and debate the issue. One day a inkwold stranger arrives triolgy seems linked to her father’s past. Why has he never told her the truth about her mother? Joanne Lew-VriethoffMalcolm Mitchell. Roxanne, Dustfinger’s wife, realizes this and is furious at Farid for taking away her love, but is powerless to do anything. Fenoglio struggles with writer’s block and guilt for the way Inkspell ended.

Reread page concerning written versus oral language and debate the issue. Children and Young Adult Literature portal.

Tablets 7 – 7. Mostly set in Northern Italy and the parallel world of the fictional Inkheart book, the central story arc concerns the magic of books, their characters and creatures, and the art of reading. Download the Inkwrold from here. The books chronicle the adventures of teenager Meggie Folchart whose innkworld changes dramatically when she realizes that she and her father, a bookbinder named Mo, have the unusual ability to bring characters from books into the real world when reading aloud.

Which character would you willingly follow there? How does Mortola reappear in this story?