Den Lille Prins er en animeret film fra og er instrueret af Mark Osborne. Filmen er filmatisering af den berømte roman skrevet af Antoine de Saint-Exupéry i. Lille Prinsen. A poetic and evocative performance in two acts where we get to go on a journey of the imagination. LILLE PRINSEN is a dance performance in two. Norwegian edition of Le Petit Prince.

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In this framework in fact our aim is to propose a strategy that could be studied and exported, challenging the several actors involved to behave in a responsable way towards the current and the future generations. Along the Promenade a series of beach, playgrounds, existing buildings become public arena lead the visitors to the core of the Nyhavna project: The idea of temporary activities is included even in the partial use that the new activities can have day lilel night.

It could begin with a call for bids in which the available areas are defined together with the general rules and the common features that the proposed projects should have to be selected.

Click ‘Submit’ to go to the home page or close this dialog to continue in. So if the bigger scale is a reflection on the living and wants to define a densification using housing, prinen and pfinsen in an innovative way; in the core of Nyhavna the project wants to create a new place of stay and an engine for the life of city, able to give back to the city center a strong public oriented seafront, being a mediator between the heritage and the new eastern development of the city.

A gradient of four step of community living could be highlighted: Public Participation Starting from the general consideration that people are an economic asset, the public participation is a productive design process through which a project could reach its aim of integration and coherency with the citizens. Skip to main content We use cookies to provide the best possible experience for you.

The public participation may be broadly defined as the diversified set of situations and activities, more or less spontaneous, organized and structured, whereby citizens become involved, and provide their own input to, agenda setting, decision-making, policy forming, and knowledge production processes.

Two typologies referred to this definition: It leads to the other bank of the Nyhavna basin or it simply make you reach the floating stage for a concert, or the hockey pitch for a match or simply to dive in the swimming pool. This will bring an immediate use of the area inside the Little Prince while the densification of the project is shaping itself.

The red one contain a sea-food restaurant with a terrace on the basin while the cobalt blue building contain service and facilities more related to the sport outdoor activities plugged in The Little Bridge. Some of the cues are highlighted in the productive mix between public and private functions in order to revitalize the neighbourhoods.

They have worked on the development of relevant portions of the whole city achieving a strong community cousciousness using people-centered principles and strategies.


The third phase will be to potentiate the Music Cluster and the Art Cluster giving more surfaces to the activities and so more occasion of exchange. Each project defines a specific approach to the balance between public and common space, respecting all the regulations in terms of need as playgrounds, private garden lill green factors.

The first is related with pprinsen 2. Join lilke imaginative journey and meet all the strange characters and peculiar things they run across along the way. The pfinsen ‘ ‘ is not available in language. Seven possible living For prnsen overall area of Nyhavna the project develops a strategy that wants to be coherent and connected with the sorrounding but also able to build a clear edge towards the centre of The Little Prince. The discovery is currently estimated to contain oille barrels of recoverable oil equivalent.

Den Lille Prins (film fra 2015)

The third step contain three typologies that are referred to the more classical way of living having some common areas felles arealer related to the buildings that face some other areas more public, like park or bigger playgrounds.

We are using cookies to give you a better experienceen. The first re-use is the Emerald Green building that host the offices and some of the reproduction rooms of the Music Cluster.

The second phase will be the Renovation of the five buildings contained within the Perimeter working with the new addictions and the architecture of the buildings. Places that are made to allow someone to go somewhere, places that greet and surround you, places that go with you, as someone that comes to you saying its name and taking your hand, led you where you ask.

Den lille prinsen – Wikidata

This creates both opportunities and challenges for future urban development. By closing this message you agree to our use of cookies. In addition to that a green buffer made of a tree-lined will build a new experience also for the drivers prknsen arriving from south will cross first the Strandveien Park and then pass under The Little Prince.

The first thing that will be developed are the structure of The Little Prince itself and all the floating amenities and connections related to the Promenade and the public space in order to achieve a new use and interaction of the existing creative communities with the project. In between the phases of a project on the sites several types of space could be challenged and handover for specific temporary projects. The position is related to the high housing concentration in the nearby.

Related pages and downloads. This refers to a concept of making, potentially, Strandveikaia a car-free area.

The Little Prince project is designed and based on people-centered principles and in addition to that suggests a participatory process that will take place in that lapse of time that goes in parallel with the several phasing of the project.

The project works with small scale volume of three storey maximum that want to be a gradient towards the existing heritage and the public path or the recreational floating amenities in the sea. The Little Prince is the common ground of Strandveikaia.


On the same way it creates open view of the sea, and with its delicate touch create a common device and filter to the entrance to the core of Nyhavna.

The Little Prince will give back the experience of facing and using the sea as a strong lillee of living in the public space dimension. In this case the temporary strategy is seen as continuous orinsen of opportunities in which every choice, every act, every behaviour, actualizes a part as possible and simultaneously creates a new possible. The well also appraised the gas discovery Verdandi and the estimate of million recoverable oil equivalent is maintained.

Lille Prinsen – Norrdans English

A relevant indicator of the public space is the attention to the blue and green infrastructures, the aim is to build a capillar network avoiding the interruptions in order to lead the people from the Waterfront to more East park of housing development of Nyhavna in a safe universal design where the pedestrian and the bike have the precedence. The Lille Prinsen well is located kilometres west of Stavanger and north-west of the Johan Sverdrup field.

Starting from the north the promenade is connected to the 10km parth of Ladestien that design the fjord line so through the Havnepromenaden it become a single path connected directly prinssen Strandveikaia. You can learn more about cookies on our privacy and settings page.

The fourth phase will be to integrate the National Beer Centre that in the lill will be developed while densify the Strandveikaia building the whole project. The next one is peach coloured and host some co-working office and ideally could host the direction of the project site during all the development process.

A big park is located along the promenade in Kullkranpiren in order to frame the public path and the other bank could be reached using one of the harm of the Little Prince. The Little Prince is the testing table shaping, the common ground of the exchange knowledge, a mediator between citizens and stakeholders and a mediator from the Midtbyen and the new Eastern development. It creates new visual and unexpected connections with the WWII heritage buildings.

Theatre is the place where imagination can take flight and the latest production from Norrdans, The Little Prince, seizes all possibilities criticaldance.

The intention of Trondheim of working and collaborating with the young population, its liole, its young researchers, its artists, its musicians and also its foreign visitors, is an inspiring and challenging motivation to start the transformation of Strandveikaia.

The orange and the dove-grey are the Art Clusters, showroom and singolar workshop are contained and could be rent by Artist to estabilish their activities. They all take care of the pedestrian and cyclist safety always giving to the people the priority in the design strategies.