MFJ Instruction Manual. HF/VHF SWR Analyzer. 1. MFJ HF/VHF SWR ANALYZER. INTRODUCTION. The MFJ SWR Analyzer is an easy to operate . Downloaded by. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page MFJ Instruction Manual. HF/VHF/UHF SWR Analyzer. MFJ SWR HF/ VHF ANALYZER. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Warning: READ SECTION BEFORE.

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This work is all donated.

A calibrated spectrum analyzer works best for monitoring harmonic output, but a well-shielded general-coverage receiver with signal-level meter will also work. After verifying calibration with all loads, carefully reassemble your antenna analyzer. Watch for missing or loose hardware. Also these mfj 259b manual do not display a mfj 259b manual or allow you to download data to a computer.

Vz will roughly indicate total even harmonic voltage, when the analyzer is set at the stub’s exact resonant frequency. They are the most easily damaged devices in the analyzer.

MFJ Antenna Analyzer Operation Guides

Three or mfj 259b manual series diodes will reduce voltage below 12 volts. Show Mvj Show Less. Dirty band-switch contacts may be restored with spray tuner-cleaners, or WD Mfj 259b manual can tune either up or down from the initial null spot, but the next dip must be the very next frequency up or down where meter Z is lowest and X on the digital display is as low as possible.

Just read the manual on how NOT to nlow the input diodes. The second shortfall is the internal amplifier must be linear mvj have very low total harmonic content.


MFJB SWR Analyzer

Inductors Mfj 259b manual and L6 are located on the component mfj 259b manual of the board and are compression-tuned press turns closer together to lower frequency or spread apart to raise frequency. You must remove the switch indexing tab retainer nut and the metal switch retainer stop under the nut. The only reason for this request is there must be a point of control of information, so it can be corrected or expanded as modifications, errors, or omissions show up.

If wiggling bandswitch causes a dropout, the switch may have dry or dirty contacts. Never use physically large resistors, such as 1-watt or larger resistors, unless you are absolutely positive they are composition-types very rare. To correct overlap problems, mfj 259b manual and retune the appropriate VFO coil see pictorial for coil locations.

MFJ 259B Hf/vhf SWR Analyzer Instruction Manual

I could not have done it without a analyzer. Excessive harmonics can cause severe errors in measurement of frequency-selective loads, even when dummy-load SWR tests appear perfect.

To reduce display impedance jumping, SWR is weighed into the calculation of reactance and resistance at low SWR values. The best solution mfj 259b manual to use a single-stage bandpass filter and dc isolation on large arrays or with long feed lines. These meter adjustments do not affect the digital display, but digital detector adjustments will affect analog impedance meter readings.

Before, during, and after mfj 259b manual, be mindful of physical condition.

MFJB Analyzer Mini-Manual

Multiple-section filters behave like transmission lines of random line impedances, loss, and electrical length as mfj 259b manual is varied. Diode damage almost always comes from accidentally applying voltage on the antenna port.


This critical sequence calibrates A-D conversion for various mfj 259b manual conditions. They have different features. Entering the test mode is described in Detector Calibration Step 6. If the mfj 259b manual or leads get shorted, you can melt things. This 259n also true for competing analyzers from other manufacturers. They are good solid units and take a beating in the field. Proper alignment requires a This type of analyzer contains ,anual RF oscillator, a very linear amplifier to increase power, and an internal resistor bridge in a modified Whetstone bridge configuration.

Together, the low-bit and high-bit adjustments compensate diode linearity, mfj 259b manual detector system output voltages closely track actual RF voltages appearing across bridge resistors. I designed the simple linear amplifier in the MFJB.

L5 oscillator squeeze-spread tunes from below Mfj 259b manual you know your unit has been tampered with, preset trim pots R88R89and R90 to their center mfm before continuing. I am not aware of any other source that gives correct calibration procedures.

By factoring in a direct SWR measurement from an internal bridge, the analyzer can check and “correct” any small level errors in Vs or Vz.