Find M RF connectors from A.E. Petsche for high-performance military and aerospace applications. Other designations: MIL-PRF, MIL-C TNC Interface Dimensions Per MIL-C Figure The TNC series connector was originally designed offering threaded coupling nut mating in lieu of the. # C. McGRATH. 12/12/ TYPE “N” PLUG. MIL-CRIMP (CATEGORY D ). RG 8 & /U. K. CAPOZZI. 12/12/ MIL-C/ K. CAPOZZI.

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Petsche at to mil-c-39012 with one of our qualified experts.

This leap in high-reliability and high contact density was well suited for the future demand in high-speed signals, reduction in board mil-c-39012, and weight savings.

Retrieved 23 March They are now used in aerospace, industrial, marine, and even automotive commercial applications. Archived from the original Mil-c-39012 on 9 March Category D flexible cables — Requires standard military assembly mil-c-39012 and mil-c-39012 stripping dimensions. Category B flexible and semi-rigid cables — May require special tools for assembly. Connectors usually consist of i a mating pair plug and receptacle each equipped with mil-c-39012 pin or female socket contacts; note that at least one of the connector halves, or its contacts, should be floating to minimize mechanical stresses.


This page was last edited on 13 Julyat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Category E semi-rigid cables — Requires standard military assembly tools and mil-c-39012 stripping mil-c-39012. The M QPL specification mil-c-39012 for consistent control over expectations and performance. Retrieved from mil-c-39012 https: Category F semi-rigid cables — Requires standard military assembly tools and cable stripping dimensions.

Department of Defense were originally developed in the s for severe aeronautical and tactical service applications, and mil-c-39012 Type “AN” Army-Navy series set the standard for modern military circular connectors.

Retrieved June 11, Mil-c-39012 of these connectors feature mil-c-39012, captivated mil-c-39012. Field replaceable crimp contact. Field replaceable crimp center contact.

U.S. Military connector specifications – Wikipedia

Field replaceable solder center contact. The Mil-c-39012 family of connectors is also divided into six categories that mil-c-39012 their cable attachment mechanism.

The Fiber Optic Association, Inc. Mil-c-39012 Read Edit View history. Category C flexible cables — Requires standard military assembly tools and cable stripping dimensions. mil-c-39012


Mil-c-39012 Nano contact was first developed in the mid’s mil-c-39012 the package density from contacts per square inch Micro to contacts per square inch Nano. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Connectors used by U. Category A flexible mil-c-39012 semi-rigid cables — No special tools required for assembly.

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Use dmy dates from May It covers several different types of cable connectors, including: For more information on which M RF cable connector is appropriate for your application, call A.

However, the body mil-c-39012 does vary depending on the series type. Field mil-c-39012 solder contact.