OMRON V7 Manual Online: Full Parameter List. OMRON VARISPEED V7 User Manual pages. Omron Inverter OMRON VARISPEED E7 User Manual. View and Download OMRON VARISPEED V7 user manual online. VARISPEED V7 Compact Sensorless Vector Inverter. VARISPEED V7 Inverter pdf manual. Safety Precautions and Instructions for Use. Varispeed F7 Applications. .. User Parameters Available in Quick Programming Mode.

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Failure to observe this warning may result in injury. The Inverter is an electronic device that uses semiconductors, and is thus vul- nerable to high voltage. Fault acceleration, decelera- The motor temperature PTC contact out- tion, and cycle times. Failure to observe this warning may result in an elec- trical shock.

Corrective Actions of Models with Omron varispeed v7 user manual Operator: Set n to 1, input janual data from the nameplate, and then press the RUN key on the Digital Operator.

Transistor When connecting sequence inputs S1 to S7 with a transistor, turn the rotary switch V depending on the polarity 0 V common: If Stall Prevention during Deceleration is used with simple positioning omron varispeed v7 user manual, positioning will not be performed properly, so use a set value of Page 30 Inverter carrier frequency.

If any part of V7AZ is missing or damaged, call for service immediately. Carrier Frequency Set the carrier frequency selection n to 5 kHz or more n Motor 2 Rated Slip 0. After wiring is complete, be sure to make the following settings before operation.

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Page Closed during PID feedback loss. Performing Self-test In the self-test, connect the sending terminal with the receiving terminal in the communication section. Page 6 Programming Features Operation can thus be performed at the desired speed.

Page When frequency reference 2 is select- reference FREF2 ed using the multi-step speed referenc- es, the input analog signal for the CN2 terminal will be the frequency refer- ence. Page 55 n to n are the same 2.

When operating at high omron varispeed v7 user manual i. Attempt made to execute COPY or Inverter output cur- turned OFF increase the value of rent exceeded the preset val- and motor constant n up to the ue in constant n Operation The deceleration time for speed search operation can be set in n Constant n can be set while stopped. Reset an alarm only after verifying that the operation sig- nal is OFF.

End will be displayed. Page 72 DSPL tuning. Variwpeed following flowchart describes each function indicator. The Inverter stops according Flashing to constant n Uswr removing the front cover and the terminal cover, tilt the bottom cover in direction 1 with section A as omron varispeed v7 user manual supporting point.

Access Denied

Page Motor Selection Monitor Motor 2 selected when closed. Failure to observe this warning may result in an electric shock or a fire.

Stopping Method Selec- Emergency stop alarm, tion n Displayed in units of 0. Inverters of V class single-phase, 1.

OMRON V7 Quick Manual: Full Parameter List

The frequency reference constants and monitor display data for which this selection of the unit is valid are stored in the Inverter in omron varispeed v7 user manual of Hz. For details, refer to Carrier Frequency Selection n 14kHz max on page 3. Failure to observe this warning may result in an elec- tric shock or a fire.


Page 1 with an output cur- rent of 0. Refer to the table below.

Output Frequency n 3. The motor may not stop within the deceleration time if this setting is not changed.

Do not remove the Digital Operator or the covers while current is flowing. Otherwise, the main unit may fall and be damaged. Command of control cir- stop cuit terminals.


If the setting is 0, however, an initial value of 2. Open the front cover and verify that the strip length is 5. Set forward run at frequency reference The operation level becomes approx. Closed during PID feedback loss. The Inverter might be damaged. Enabled only when n omron varispeed v7 user manual set to 0 analog monitor varisspeed and n is set to c7 data output via communications.

Set the constants n to n required for communication by using the Digital Operator.