The Robotech Role-Playing Game, based on the Robotech and Robotech II: The Sentinels series, was originally published by Palladium Books from to. 28 Feb [Statement by Palladium]( tacticstm/posts/) > When the Robotech® RPG Tactics. 28 Feb The Link: Things really don’t look good for Palladium as a.

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Robotech® RPG Tactics™ by Palladium Books — Kickstarter

Views Read Edit View history. Roadrunner 6 days ago Interestingly we know that HG only have about two and a half years left on their license, so I palladium robotech wondering if they would be pushing a miniatures line? This whole story is. Roadrunner on July 16, Thanks morgan, you have a much better handle on the number crunching than me and although still specualtion does omdicate that even at a very low retrun PB made some serious money that never found its way back to the project nevermind us.

And there’s no talk of refunds. Roadrunner on July 9, I wonder if Kevin is planning palladium robotech be interviewed at gencon again? They had a ton at the Gencon the year after they shipped to backer. Using that material requires expensive metal molds. After a GenCon attendee got hold of a copy, he recorded an unboxing video which revealed palladium robotech the game quality was well below what was promised with missing components, unpainted figures and obvious manufacturing flaws.

I think there’s so much due diligence that needs to go into choosing to back palladium robotech Kickstarter these days and even then it isn’t palladium robotech in some cases. Watching Kevin struggle to keep the company afloat over time as the consequences of stealing our money slowly destroys his legacy has a certain appeal.

Harmony Gold is going to, most likely, lose the licence to make Palladium robotech stuff in That’s why I love Savage Rifts. It simply took away all of their remaining capital on the vague idea that retail sales would put it back to enable wave 2. Needs another year or two in blind testing. Nor do I think they understand that they need to issue refunds to their backers and not discounted Robotech merchandise. Palladium robotech 1 to palladium robotech of Google Authenticator verification provided by Two-Factor Palladium robotech v1.


I suppose it would depend on what they decided to take back from PB, but might that have included designs and prototypes? Did you actually read the article.

As for accomplishing anything, I doubt it will do much unless palladium robotech get involved. This is especially true if the person you are trying to get money from is broke, blood from a stone and all that.

While I can’t speak for people who have not acquired the core game yet The Rest palladium robotech the World waits for months, they finally allegedly finish delivery of wave 1 in Q1 or Palladium robotech exact isn’t really pertinent; they took way too long. Dishonest mismanagement vs honest mismanagement, pallarium palladium robotech either way, and that’s what is spearheading a lot of the ill will towards the company.

The Robotech RPG introduced the concept of mega-damage —”super” hit-points that are equivalent to ordinary-person hit points—to simulate the toughness of the pxlladium armored mecha. It isn’t fraud when you honestly believe something to be true and later find out you were mistaken. These figures should be tackled by people of intermediate skill at the palladium robotech. Sure, there was drama, a suicide attempt, a new name spouting the old lies, and palladium robotech a handful of renders and prototypes, but sadly the breakdown is basically accurate otherwise.

Kevin has stated he has accurate records Updateso if my numbers are rrobotech off, it could easily be disproven. Percentile dice two ten-sided dice, palladium robotech read as a tens column and the other as a ones column are used for skill resolution. Took my settlement and wrote off the rest as failed investment. Pathfinder 2 Character Sheet 2: We’ve all risked our money on paalladium palladium robotech that has now failed.


Here’s hoping and praying a real company, not a palladium robotech group of scammers, lairs and incompetent fraudsters that would be Palladium if I haven;t made it palladium robotech enough for you. Posts should be discussion-oriented and related to the boardgaming hobby.

I have spent the better part of a week trying to find the words to explain what happened and express to you how sorry we are that it has come to this. This seems like it might be the best news for them in decades. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. ThulsaI obviously palladium robotech your point, but if Gencon had refused him you can bet your sweet palladium robotech, kevin would have be quick in launching litigation against them for that exclusion and bad publicity and costs would have been something Gencon would have considered above the feelings of a a couple of thousand palladium robotech backers.

Palladium Updates Robotech RPG Tactics Shipment Info

But, then move on and think about happier things. Originally Posted by buda. Jeff Neely our payments all got sorted through backerkit through palladium robotech we assigned and added specific amounts for specific items.

I wrote off that money years ago any way. It is palladlum he was quids in, literally, wave 2 wouldget produced and PB would have a nice little earner on the side from retail sales.

Palladium Announces Collapse of Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter

They were transparent too late, in my opinion. I know nothing about Palladium palladium robotech this Kevin guy and why they are shit.

This was before the Kickstarter.