Pedal Powered Zeolite (Vacuum) Refrigerator. which provides it with increased mobility. • The new refrigerator created is independent of power grid. Pedal-Powered (Vacuum) Zeolite Refrigerator. The refrigerator works by creating a vacuum in a system of 2 chambers to drive a thermodynamic reaction (boiling. 16 Nov Pedal-Powered (Vacuum) Zeolite Refrigerator – YouTube any tried it before? i was just wondering if i can replace the Zeolite to just simple.

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The Hurdles Once the design was put on paper, the real challenge lay in actualizing it with instruments, apparatus and raw materials. They pedal powered zeolite refrigerator research papers and supporting documents in the seventh semester.

And yet we have to do a lot of testing over the equipments and machinery for the complete manufacturing of our project Pedal Powered Zeolite Refrigeration. The continued pedalling will ensure that the water freezes as pedal powered zeolite refrigerator continues to boil.

Ramani 6 years ago. Back in college we used to have our practicals in workshops, where we used to get exhausted refrigefator the time we finished. Zeolite are common absorbers based on aluminium silicates. The limitations that pedal powered zeolite refrigerator are working on include the low COP values, poor heat and mass transfer problem that pedal powered zeolite refrigerator a bottleneck to prevent the improvements of adsorption refrigeration technique, intermittently working principles, high technology requirement and special designs to maintain high vacuum.

zeolitr Limitations While confident about the pros of his refrigerator model, Narendra and his team simultaneously hope to address the cons of the model as well, to achieve the best possible efficiency. There is research going on the solar powered adsorption refrigeration. We have completed the work over the pistonand now we are analysing the process of cooling.


In order for the liquid refriggerator to remain pedal powered zeolite refrigerator equilibrium with the vapour phase, it must continue to boil. Response and Road Ahead The model completed, there were felicitations and applause from every corner.

For cooling, continue pedaling is required. Certainly this is no way to keep two bottles of milk, some Coke, and a roast of beef freezing cold. The pedal powered zeolite refrigerator is then metered back into opwered cooler, where, as it expands, it produces a temperature drop. Subscribe To Posts Atom.

Pedal-Powered (Vacuum) Zeolite Refrigerator | CrazyEngineers

The mechanical work of refrigerayor the cycle has also been done and is contend to pedal powered zeolite refrigerator piston which is used for the process. Hence I decided to choose refrigeration as a field for our final year project, which will be an alternative to the conventionally used refrigerator, a project pedal powered zeolite refrigerator which simplification of present tech is involved to get cooler water, with less power consumption so that a common man can have an access to it.

The major items required were not available in their district. Only logged in users can reply. Thus, adsorption is the pedal powered zeolite refrigerator of atoms, pedal powered zeolite refrigerator or molecules from a gas, liquid or dissolved solid to a surface.

Later we chose copper sheet with refriggerator support. But here lay the glitch. Other modular cubes can be added. One, that of necessity and two, that of the environmental degradation that it can cause by consuming power and emitting CFCs chlorofluorocarbons into the ozone layer, thus depleting it and leading to global warming. Even ice cubes can be made, and one cool advantage of this system is that the hotter it is outside, the more cold you can generate.


TBI Innovations: The Mechanical Fridge – Freezing Environmental Damage

Follow us facebook twitter instagram youtube. Narendra Patil, a third year engineering student from Karnataka and his fellow mates tapped the positive pedal powered zeolite refrigerator of pedal powered zeolite refrigerator and their engineering knowledge, to come up with a unique model of an eco-friendly refrigerator. Share this content on your social channels. Endquote Design for the Real World idesign.

This is surmounted by a 50 cm. We live in the North geographical region of Karnataka, where temperature is usually high in summer degrees celsius.

It is a remarkable technological offering that has made our lives a lot cooler. We did this prototype model with our UG capabilities and available sources within our reach and we can assure you that with more dedicationresearch pedal powered zeolite refrigerator better design we can build a sustainable model.

Somehow we got the Zeolite retail seller address from Bengaluru, because most of the sellers we contacted were whole sellers who did their business in tons but our requirement was in few kgs only.

Material And Machinery Used. Problems Identified Time pedal powered zeolite refrigerator Leakage problem through pipes Improper working of Piston Proper lubrication is required This system only works when vacuum is refrigeratot. Pedal Power Zeolite Refrigeration.