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MyDiaspora is a billion new users learning about
their culture and meeting new people.
Over half of global web users (55% by our estimation) are based in either Muslim or conservative societies (Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, etc.), places which look down on Internet dating. These people need to find the right partner, but this need can’t be met by existing online dating services.
The traditional criteria for partner selection are dramatically
different from current matchmaking.
A potential spouse is selected not by appearance or personality, but by nationality, religion, class, and many other social conditions. Dating as we know it in the West is either prohibited or quietly condemned.
Meanwhile, small nations (there are more small nations than large) strive to preserve their national identity and have a need for national Web resources. Using the Internet to find the right partner and content which matches one’s ethnic and cultural upbringing becomes even more important when people move from their homeland and become members of the diaspora.
The results of conducted research show that
— 46% of the respondents would be shamed to find their profile on a dating website;
— 85% would prefer to marry a person of their nationality and religion;
— 51% have never registered on dating websites;
— 75% of those that did register considered the online dating experience negative.
We are developing a mobile application that considers the religious and cultural traditions of conservative societies.
Our algorithm for extended private functions was
approved by religious and social leaders.
We are working to get the international Halal license, which guarantees compliance with all Islamic norms.
Our Advantages
Brand new, fundamental criteria to create social connections We are the first to develop a unified social network for small nations. It will have a more comprehensive and user-friendly toolset than local competitors.
We create the social-media network with entertaining and educational focus, where users can learn the history and culture of their people.
Dating based on traditional “Eastern” dating model Our dating service suits even for those who reject the idea of Web-dating itself, since our service works under the model of a social network with cultural and educational content. Most of the content will be added by the users themselves.
Expert team in national culture and dating Project founder Arsen Kazibekov has extensive experience in the creation and development of ethnic and cultural portals for the nations of the Northern Caucasus. The portal for Lezgin diaspora became a pioneer and benchmark for the portals of various diasporas in Russia.
Another project founder Sergey Sigitov is an expert in dating and social services marketing. Sergey has worked for eight years in the largest dating service in the Eastern Europe,, focusing on monetization and service development as Product Director.
Sales &
Planned promotion strategies:
— PR directed to the national media;
— Support by religious and national leaders;
— Partnerships with national websites and groups in social networks;
— BTL in universities and colleges, and during national concerts;
— Context ad and traffic purchase;
— Viral marketing (users can share, invite, and create profiles for friends).
We divide the entire Internet-dating market between “Western”, with the model of visual filter and quick search, and “Eastern”, with closed communication and enhanced privacy features. We focus on the second segment. Competition is low in this segment, comprised of non-specialized websites, groups within social networks, ethnic portals and services with no specific dating functionality, such as games and forums.
Business Model
We use Freemium model: all basic services are free, additional functions are charged.
1 month — $7 (all amounts USD), 12 months — $59
Usual gift between $1 and $5
Charity donation
Charity donation of $5 and $15
Status and Milestones
Where are we now? — We have conducted research that confirmed the idea and have started
     the product development.
— We have also received the support from the leaders of religious and social
     organizations. We have started the process to get the international Islamic
     Halal license, guaranteeing compliance to all Islamic norms.
— Now we have the application prototype, and the server is being developed.
     We are planning the project go-live for the Fall of 2014. We have received
     the pre-seed investments from Plug and Play Daghestan, an accelerator
     from of our priority regions.
What are our next
— August 2014 — Raise seed round for $500,000
— September 2014 — Start the development of iOS application
— November 2014 — Android Go-live (along with monetization)
— March 2015 — Self-sufficiency
— June 2015 — First million users
— January-February 2015 — Plans to raise marketing round
Project author Arsen Kazibekov is a serial entrepreneur who has previously worked on several startups, including and Kazibekov has also founded four leasing companies in Russia, all of which were among the Top 100 largest in the country. Kazibekov is the founder of ethno-cultural portal which became the e-platform for Lezghians’ diaspora in Russia (there are one million Lezghians living in Russia). He is also the co-founder of Moscow Lezgian Diaspora and one of the members of Moscow Lezgians Board of Trustees.
Cofounder Sergey Sigitov worked in the first team of Andrey Andreev — the founder of Badoo, the world leader in dating, which makes more then $400 million per year. Sigitov also worked in one of the largest Russian dating websites, Mamba, for eight years. His role was to manage partners’ contacts and develop the service. Sigitov made approximately half of the profits for this large Eastern Europe dating website.
Arsen Kazibekov 
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