The Devil to Pay in the Backlands has ratings and reviews. Francis said: Clásico universal de origen brasileño. De limitada edición, no es un l. Grande Sertão: Veredas (Portuguese for “Great Backlands: Tracks”; English translation: The Devil to Pay in the Backlands) is a novel published in by the. Devil to Pay in the Backlands. uploaded by. uploader avatar CurzioMalaparte · Berlin Alexanderplatz – Alfred Doblin. uploaded by. uploader avatar Marcelo Rota .

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The Devil to Pay in the Backlands Summary –

Tem horas antigas que ficaram muito mais perto da gente do que outras, de recente data. Questo profondo ed altissimo ricorso alla metafora esplode letteralmente nel linguaggio: So the devil to pay in the backlands you have it — this time I have an excuse to lie in my review. The narrative is winding, out of order, repetitive and somewhat unreliable but it functions as a way to learn about Riobaldo’s two true passions: It was translated into English in and reprinted in The sun was pouring down on the back of our necks.

The total effect of the narrative is that of a trail of memory spiraling away into the ether, gacklands narrator of the novel parsing over this trail in order to examine more deeply philosophical questions of great significance.


He is prejudiced against homosexual love. I spoke as in a dream: I kept on shooting. The story was set during the heydays of vigilante fighting when different factions of armed militias went at cross purposes and even fought each other.

Riobaldo, for example, reveals Diadorim’s gender at the end. See the other authors section. The backlands are a powerful weapon. What leads us into strange, evil teh is that we are so close to that which is ours, by right, and do not know it, do not, do not!

Ricopio Catoblepa dal gruppo di lettura: This challenging question, one bwcklands with the notion of good and evil, remains unresolved at the end of the novel. They survive a lengthy siege by Hermogenes’ men, but Ze Bebelo loses the taste for fighting, and the band the devil to pay in the backlands idled for nearly a month in the devil to pay in the backlands plague-ridden village.

Latin American Literature However, check online and you may be able to download a pdf copy. They drvil madly about the enclosure, colliding with the stakes as they ran wild, kicking in frenzied welter.

The Devil to Pay in the Backlands | work by Guimarães Rosa |

Anyone has any Greek tbe to add? The names have an exotique appeal to me: In modo che l’essenza della mia vita, fin da bambino, era per farla finita una volta per sempre con l’Ermogene – in quel giorno, in quel luogo. They were falling, nearly all, then all of them.


Ma la mia anima deve essere di Dio: Over the course of the novel, backpands example, we encounter such scenes as: The narrative is winding, out of order, repetitive and somewhat unreliable but it functions as a way to learn The Devil to Pay is the first Brazilian novel that I’ve ever read and it the devil to pay in the backlands one of the most explicit and beautiful explorations of gender and sexuality in literature: Diadorim, grave, dwvil held high.

And our journey through the night continued. The thing was only a whish and a bullet.

View all 31 comments. Veredas by Heloisa Starling. A deal with Devil for English title may suggest so much presupposes existence of Devil — or does it?

The Devil to Pay in the Backlands Summary

So I have, and I’m glad that I did. Il principale punto di riflessione, che ricorre dall’inizio alla fine, gira intorno alle domande: Also, don’t expect extreme fidelity from translations. Then, as now, warlords and their armies ruled the world.

The aspect of this book that I connect with is Riobaldo and his feelings.