The Koehler method of guard dog training; has 35 ratings and 6 reviews. Aaron said: It’s hard to give this book a scale review as I have strong and mixed. F “Best 1 Dog Book of the Year’ – Dog ttritm Aasocailon o 4 h America m!&i The Koehler Method of GUARD DOG Pmonai md Itomw Prvlerlion Maatochoo** tram . 21 May The Hardcover of the The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training by William R. Koehler at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training by William R. Koehler (1967, Hardcover, Reprint)

Dwayne Mchottie rated it it was amazing Dec 06, You will borrow trouble if you borrow that which does not concern your dog. That’s something you try to do before you get this book.

Nearly everyone who looks for dogs for police work has to use this “prospecting” method. The rehabilitation of an traihing number of problem dogs, many of which were referred to his classes by humane organizations and law forces as a last hope to avoid destruction. Preview — The Koehler method of guard dog training; by William R. Ymars are one of the better breeds for “staying home,” but some individuals protest against staying alone by doing a lot of barking and destructive chewing, clinging to these bad habits with awesome obstinacy.

Meet with the owner and your helper in a place where the dog cannot see or hear guarf of you talking together, and arrange to have the dog muzzled and in a definite place so that your “heavy” can force an entrance and make the test.

The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training by William R. Koehler (, Hardcover, Reprint) | eBay

Does great job of teaching you how to choose a dog and also to decide if a particular dog should be trained for a particular kind of work or not. Any Condition Any Condition. This chief’s good public relations can be explained in a single word-results! Chapter 1 in Section 2 has much information that will be useful to you, particularly if your dog is to live outside.

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A physical description of a dog best begins with reference to his breed. Males, from 24 to 26 inches at the shoulder; females, a bit less.

The generating yhe competitive obedience dogs, outstanding in numbers and qualityeven in the LosAngeles area, which, according to The American Kennel Club statistics, is by far the greatest obedience center in the United States. Although the suspicious moves of an agitator can be purposefully related to trespassing, the theft of garden tools, or threats to a person, and can result in a dog clobbering kodhler who “make the wrong moves,” they can never provide the fine discrimination that is based on a sense of responsibility.

Occasionally a pup, or a whole litter, will fail to inherit the good qualities which were sought.

First of all, it is a lot less discouraging to a dog to give him training that will enable you to bring him under control with a command after you have admitted someone to his presence, than to bluntly shut him off from the sight of each caller you welcome. Males will average about 26 inches at the shoulder; females run approximately two inches less than males.

A few moments’ thought will show anyone why the speed of a dog can be a tremendous factor, physically and psychologically, in those instances where a suspect must be apprehended while on foot. Rachel rated it liked it Koehlef 08, His temperament, physical ability, and wonderful coatequip him for all kinds of jobs in as many places.

The title of this book is a bit misleading as only the first half of the book concerns guard dog training.

Flave his quarters ready before you bring him home so his new situation will have a good, permanentfeel. The section on plant-protection dogs will take you to such a goal. In most cases, he will be ready for use sooner than a puppy would.


However, during World War II very few of the breed had the qualities needed for military use, gene rally failing to respond to agitation. In the case of a bite under questionable a’rcumstances, you may be asked to show just what control you have over your dog.

You’ll see the need for these and many more as the selection and training of your police dog progresses. Omissions and shortcuts can only bring you expensive embarrassment.

Males can carry 80 pounds or more in hard condition, and females about 65 pounds. In a complex home situation, a puppy will often adjust more satisfactorily. Contrast this with the ease with which a policeman, equipped with a dog, has controlled a mob among which no individual is ready to volunteer as the dog’s first target. He can demonstrate his ability to you.

He is useful in situations where an alarm is needed but where biting, oreven the threat of biting, could not be permitted. Both professionals and amateurs may be of help in this respect.

When you have obtained an owner’s consent to test his dog, arrange to have someone who can follow directions capably to do the testing while you watch from a concealed place. When his chop changed to a bawl, you knew the track was straightening out, and when the perfect meter of his tree -bark boomed through the night, you ran towards it.